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Paper Helicopter

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It is always fun for kids to be able to take home a fun item that they created, and the paper helicopters are a nice finished project. They are pretty quick to make, but you can have the kids do more things to them before they are finished. I am going to have my students do some coloring on them, and practice their pencil control, and some of the kids, I will have write things that they like about themselves on the helicopters.


These paper helicopters include a little bit of cutting, some paper folding, and some writing if you choose to have the kids do that. Then it is fun for the kids to drop them and watch them twirl back to earth.

I have created a template to make it easy for the kids to know where to cut and where to fold in order to make the helicopters.


Cut out the rectangles of the template, and with the template, you are going to cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.

  1. First snip all of the solid lines.
  2. Then fold up the shaded bottom area at the dotted line.
  3. Then fold in flaps D and C so that you have a skinny bottom area, and put a paperclip on the end for weight.
  4. Finally fold flaps A and B in opposite directions.

You can then drop the helicopter from a few feet high and watch it spiral down.


Here is a video of the process of making it.


  • paper
  • template (optional)
  • scissors
  • paper clip


  • fine motor
  • scissor cutting
  • paper folding
  • writing (if you choose)

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