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Hang Man for writing practice

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You know those days where you can't find the activity that you want to do, and all you can find in your bag is some paper. I have no problem making any activity that I find therapeutic, so I pull out the paper and want to work on writing. Well…

Pizza Delivery Game For Following Directions

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I wanted to do some direction following and learning right and left, as well as memory, so I created a pizza delivery game. This game uses a floor road map that I made, and writing out and following the directions to get to different houses…

Hanging on a Trapeze Swing

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The trapeze swing is basically bar with two chains or ropes going up on each side to a center point to form a triangle, then a single rope going up to the swing mount. The benefit of this configuration is that the trapeze can swing around in…

Making Letters With Playdoh

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I have a couple little guys that always try to make the tail of the lower case g come down from the middle of the g. We practice it, we talk about it, and they are doing it right, then next time I see them, they are back to doing it the old…

An Interesting Sleep Aid

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Sleep is so important and many of the kids that we work with have a lot of difficulty with sleep. I will tell you about Lucy, a teenager, who started having trouble falling asleep. It can take her upwards of four hours to fall asleep, and the…

Happy Caterpillar writing

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I usually do activities that incorporate multiple skills into the task, and love it when we are writing and the kids have to write positive things. So I made the happy caterpillar. The kids have to write something they like about themselves…

Beginning of the year Writing

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It is the beginning of the school year, and to have a fun and interesting thing for the kids to demonstrate some writing skills, I made an About Me page. It is a basic little page for the kids to write some of their favorite things, such as…

Perler Beads

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Perler beads are tiny plastic beads that you place on little spikes on a board in order to make a design. They are quite small, so they require precision and care to get them placed on the design board. Once the design is finished, you then…

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