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buttoning practice with rainbow ice cream cone

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I am in a bit of a button activity obsession right now, so sorry if that is all that I talk about. I have been using a button ice cream cone with kids to work on buttoning skills, and have often wished that I had more colors (flavors) of ice cream for the kids to use. I have finally gotten the drive to make the full rainbow of colors in ice cream scoops, and I think it is really cute. It also goes really well with the ice cream shop game that I made a few years ago.

The ice cream buttons are a little harder for kids to do than the button sandwich as the sandwich is more of a button snake type of activity whereas the ice cream cone buttons are fixed in place and not as mobile. With the rainbow colors of the ice cream, the kids get to choose colors. If you add the ice cream shop cards, they have to match and build a cone with the colors in the right order. You could also add a rainbow color dice and roll the dice to determine which color to add next.

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