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Operation Pet Scan

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I saw this game in a classroom and just had to get it to use with my kids. It is like operation in the sense that you have pieces, and if you get stuck a sound goes off. It is called operation pet scan and it is a dog that is getting an x-ray. He has little objects that he has eaten and are stuck in his intestines so you have to use the magnetic wand to move the pieces through his intestinal tract and out his back end. 

This is a great way to practice holding a stylus/pencil shape and following a path. It is easy to get stuck and you have to move it around a bit to get the pieces all the way along the intestinal path. The sounds and lights can be very motivating for kids to keep working and keep on trying.

Works on coordination, grasp and motor control. You could place it up higher in order to work on arm strength, and it would be a great task to do while prone in a swing or on a scooterboard.

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