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no prep fun writing task

Today we have a quick and simple writing activity that requires little to no preparation or planning. All you need is paper and pencil (or other writing tool). It may seem like just a writing activity, but you have other skills incorporated…
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My Favorite hand strengthening and writing combinations

With short treatment times in school therapy, and lots to accomplish during that time, I will make good use of my time by combining a strengthening activity with a writing activity. You could think up many variations and pairings of hand…
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Hand strengthening with everyday objects

Hand strength is kind of a big deal, and most people just take it for granted, but when your hands are too weak to do simple everyday tasks, then you definitely want to do some strengthening. There are many tools that are made specifically for…
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Easter Egg Writing Lines

Easter is almost here so here is an Easter activity.  It includes practice writing lines, coloring, cutting, and writing.  You can choose a simple grouping of eggs to practice lines on and then color.  It also has a place at the bottom of…
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Simple line following

I have some kids that are just at the beginning stages of following lines with a pencil, and have been attempting to follow the pencil paths in the bee honeycomb activity, but the paths are a little too small for an early beginner. I modified…
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Using adapted paper

When working with students in school, my job as an Occupational Therapist is to help kids to participate in class. We work on writing, improving fine motor skills, hand coordination, visual motor skills, and all of the other skills that are…