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Using the SnapType App

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When you have a student who knows what they want to write but all the years of therapy are not making their writing more legible, you have to try other options. Often when kids have really bad writing with no spacing, they also have trouble…

Pencil Grips–Pros and Cons

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Most kids do not need to use a pencil grip. I rarely recommend having a student use a special grip, and when I do recommend it, it means that the grip really does help. What are the determining factors for needing a pencil grip? The student…

Tying with two colors

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Tying shoes is challenging for many kids, and there can be many diferent reasons why the tying is so hard. One of the quickest ways to help with tying shoes is to have two-colored laces. Why does it help to have two different colors on your…

Whole body strengthening activity

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I have many students that need to work on whole body strengthening, and what better way to do that is to have an activity that gets several muscle groups throughout the activity. I wanted an activity that would work on legs, core, and arms at…

Trying to get a strong finger pinch

Most of the kids that I work with are able to get a correct grasp on tongs or tweezers so that we can work on strengthening those fingers and hands. Sometimes though you run into a youngster whose muscles are so weak and they pull in the wrong…

no prep fun writing task

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Today we have a quick and simple writing activity that requires little to no preparation or planning. All you need is paper and pencil (or other writing tool). It may seem like just a writing activity, but you have other skills incorporated…