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Wriggleworms garden

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I found this cute game on Amazon and completely fell in love with it. The little worms are a rubbery texture and are different lengths. It is fairly easy to pull the worms out of their holes in the garden, but requires a bit more fine motor precision to get the worms back into their holes. It also comes with color coordinated fences to put the worms in and match the colors. One thing that I miss is that the fences do not have a base to them, so when kids randomly pull them out of the box, the worms go tumbling everywhere. I may glue some silicone muffin cups into the fences so that the worms stay corralled better. 

This is an easy game to incorporate into other activities. I love to put the worms at one end of a hallway and the kids have to scooter board to the worms, get one, and then scooter board back to put the worms into the hole in the garden. You could also make a bird out of cardboard or a plastic tub, and feed the worms to the bird.

The worms are a little big to feed to the munchy ball, but one or two will fit into him at a time.

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