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Rainbow Fine Motor Activities with Q-tip Painting

It is fun to do rainbow activities as you can include color sorting and matching along with working on fine motor skills. I have done many different rainbow activities over the years, and have also incorporated a Q-tip painting template into…
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Using the Button Sandwich for Sequencing and Writing

I love using the button food for practicing buttoning and working on fine motor and visual perceptual skills. I made some order forms so that the kids can practice writing and sequencing their sandwich toppings as well. The kids can take…
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10 Fun Ways to Incorporate Writing into Therapy

When I am working in a school, I have so many skills that I would like to work on, but I also need to make sure that practice of writing fits into our therapy session. I have heard many people talk about doing warm up activities before their…
feed the frog
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Feed the Animal Fine Motor Activity

I always love the fine motor activity of putting objects into a hole or slot, and it makes the task more fun and engaging when you are pretending to feed an animal. Plastic deli containers or yogurt containers are perfect to cut a mouth…
The Handwriting Book

Functional Skills For Kids - Handwriting

We have 10 authors covering the topic of handwriting with a lot of information, including development, the underlying skills, and activity ideas. Sign up to the newsletter at the Functional Skills for Kids website.  Click here to visit…
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Seasons Button Tree

I have added another button activity to my arsenal of fun things to button. This one is a seasonal tree, so you can button on the different seasons. It includes white snow for winter, green for spring, orange and red for fall, and fruit of red…

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