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Handwriting Self Check

Kids make a lot of changes with their handwriting legibility when they are aware of the expectation and know that they will need to fix what the teacher can't read or that doesn't meet the teacher's expectation. For those kids, it makes sense…
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Make your own weighted lap pads

Jack is in Kindergarten and during circle time, he often gets up, wanders the room, and pulls things out of the bins. He has trouble staying seated in the group when he is not doing an activity. Jack is working on learning to wait and take his…
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Using push pins to develop fine motor skills

Holding small objects is a benefit of good fine motor skills, and to work on developing and perfecting those fine motor skills, you can use small objects as a tool. Push pins or thumb tacks that you would use in a cork board are usually a perfect…
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Using a Water Gun to Propel a Ball

Water guns are a great finger strengthening tool, and when it gets hot, water is a welcome part of therapy. I had used water guns to fill up a cup with water and make a ping pong ball rise. I was trying to think of other activities that use…
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Fun Ice Cream Clothespin Game

I am always working on interesting and fun ways to work on fine motor skills, and love using clothespins to work on the skills. The kids enjoy pretend playing with ice cream, but for some kids, the ice cream buttons are too hard for them to…
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Fine Motor Skills - Why Ask Why?

Today we hear from a seasoned Occupational Therapist named Stacie Erfle, MS, OTR/L. She is the creator of the Fine Motor ABCs book. A quick Google search will lead to endless possible activities to build fine motor skills. Pinterest is full…

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