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Back to school activities

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It is time to head back to school and I have been working on getting files organized and figuring out the best way to do notes and activities. I am starting out simple this year and have used the paper tearing crayon to have kids color the crayon, write their name, and tear paper and glue it on the crayon. I have had some kids cut the paper to glue on the crayon to see how their cutting skills are. It is a great way to start off the school year. 

I also may do the about me page for the students who can do some writing on their own. It has a little writing and a little coloring. As I prepare for this new school year, I feel like I am going to be doing a lot of cutting activities this year and need to have a lot of my base paper ready so that we can cut and paste onto the base paper and then write a few words onto the paper. It makes the tasks so versatile and can be used at the last minute which is one reason I love it. 

I have been organizing my students and files in google drive for a couple of years now and it makes it so much easier to look up a student really quickly and grab their information on the go. I would be lost now without my google drive. 

As the year is starting out I also need to make a bunch of copies of the stuck in the mud paper to use for writing and the happy caterpillar will be a great starter activity. Do you have any fun activities that you have kids do at the beginning of the school year?

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