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Tack-it in place of velcro

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I found a new glue that is great for sticking pieces of laminated paper together. It’s called tack it and it is a great replacement for velcro.  You brush it on the back of a piece of laminated paper and let it dry. You can then stick it on to another piece of laminated paper and it pulls on and off repeatedly. It sounds and acts like Velcro, but it is just flat glue.

It’s great for when you want to use picture symbols for task cards or for visual schedules or for file folder games. It could be used for any kind of a game that you want to have something removed and stuck back on over and over. It is so perfect and I just wanted to share because I just discovered it. A teacher was using it in her class and I just had to get some and try it out. I made a sensory break schedule with sensory picture.

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