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OT Life Hacks: #OTtips

In Occupational Therapy, our whole job is centered on making life a little easier and making sure that people can be successful.  Most of what I post about are activities to work on specific problem areas, but I have posted a few things that…

Quick tip: splinting

If no towel is handy when splinting, I just use my pant leg to dry the splint and help it cool down. What? It works.

Quick tip: splinting-dish soap

A couple of drops of dish soap in the splint pan will keep the splint material from sticking to the pan. Don’t use more than that or you will have suds, and can wash your dishes in your splint pan.

Quick tip: splinting, just do it

The best way to improve splinting skills is to just do it. If you make a mistake, you can try again.

Quick tip: handwriting neatness

Sometimes personality is a big component of good writing. If they don’t care if their writing is good, it won’t be, and OT won’t change that. You can’t change personality with OT.
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Quick Tip: Importance of Home Programs

Home programs are almost more important than therapy.  When working in early intervention, I give a home program every week for them to work on something specific that week.  I can tell the next week if they have been doing it or not.  I…
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Quick Tip: sticky back velcro

When putting sticky back Velcro on a splint or other item, use a heat gun or hot hair dryer to heat up the glue on the back first.  This makes it stick better.  Don’t hold the Velcro with your fingers when heating the glue.  Finger burns…
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Quick Tip: Oral desensitization

Rubbing the outside of the gums is really important when treating oral hypersensitivity.  It can be the difference between success and failure in your treatment.  (see more in oral desensitization home program).
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Quick Tip; necklaces to simulate dressing

Use Necklaces to simulate getting a shirt over your head, and bracelets to simulate getting a sock on toes.
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Quick Tip; home programs

When giving home programs, keep in mind that these people have lives, and usually don’t have time to do a huge list of activities.  Give one really important thing to focus on at a time, and they may actually be able to do it.  (Of course,…