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Munchy Ball with Garden Food

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I have a little bit of a manipulative hoarding problem. I just love a cute manipulative that will motivate kids to work on their hand coordination and strength. I have seen all of these cute little resin garden manipulatives and I put together a few that seem like they would make good food for the munchy ball. Munchy Ball is the perfect tool to work on bimanual coordination since you have to squeeze it with one hand while you feed it with the other hand.

The kids I work with know that I always have the Munchy ball with me and they love to pick out what to feed him. I put together a little garden pack which includes ladybugs, bees, frogs, ducks, mushrooms and flowers. The little garden food are just so cute. It bothers me a little to have the Munchy ball eat ducks, but the kids totally love the little ducks and love to feed the ducks to the ball. I just don’t have the heart to deny them the ducks.

I also put together some packs of dinosaurs to hide in putty, and a little garden pack to hide in putty. You can find the putty pets in the shop as well as the little pack of munchy ball garden food.

You can find more activities to do with Munchy Ball here.

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