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Feed the Mouth Ball

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I have seen this activity in several places, and decided to try it. It is a tennis ball with a mouth cut into it. You squeeze the ball to open the mouth, and feed objects into the mouth.

mouth ball 1web

First, you take a new, clean tennis ball and make a slit in it using an exacto knife. This part of the activity must obviously be done by the therapist (it is hard to cut through the tennis ball).

mouth ball 2web

Then you can draw a face on the ball, or you can have the client draw a face. The mouth needs to be drawn around the slit.

mouth ball 3web

The mouth balls that were done by these kids turned into vampires. They will need interesting things to feed into their mouths.

mouth ball 4web

When the ball is squeezed, the mouth opens, and objects can be put in its mouth. It takes strength to squeeze the ball enough for the mouth to open, and bimanual hand use to put objects in at the same time.

mouth ball 5web Careful it doesn’t bite your finger.  You would hate to turn into a vampire mouth-ball.

mouth ball 6web Uh Oh.  Too late.

They had a lot of fun making these balls, and the vampire thing was completely the kids’ idea.


  • Tennis ball
  • Exacto knife
  • Markers
  • Small objects to put in the mouth


  • Hand strength
  • Fine motor skills
  • Bimanual hand use
  • Perceptual motor
  • Motor planning

Find more tennis ball mouth and Munchy Ball activities here.  And now you can get your own Munchy Ball Handbook with games and activities to play with your ball.

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  1. I was curious where you got that tiny of animals for the tennis ball? I love this idea but I feel like all the animals I’ve seen are bigger!


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