Snow Man Dressing

I saw a cute little snow man mentioned on a teacher’s site, and I thought it would be perfect to use in therapy.  The original source of the picture was from here, but I have made my own to cut out, color, and dress your snowman. There is a plain white picture to color and then cut out, and I made one in color in case you want to work on just the cutting and putting the snow man together.  {Read More}

Snowflake Cutting

Cutting out snowflakes is a winter tradition. Some clients will be able to cut them out with just a demonstration of how to fold and cut the shapes, but for younger clients, you can draw the shapes onto the paper and have them cut out the shapes. These work best when the paper is folded several times into a triangle. Cut shapes and pieces out of the sides, but don’t cut off all of the sides. Folding the paper uses {Read More}

Scissor Cutting: Snow Man Template

Here is a snow man template to color and cut.  The client has to draw the face and add any extra accessories. Here is a picture of the template. Here is a PDF file for the snow man template. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop