Writing Legibility

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When working on writing with kids, Occupational Therapists are not handwriting teachers. We do not teach handwriting, and we don not practice handwriting. What we do is we use our specialized skills to figure out where the trouble is coming…
Toileting Modifications

Modifications for Potty Training

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Your sweet toddler has shown all of the signs for being ready to potty train, and you are excited to get started when you realize they are going to fall right off (or in) the toilet.  Toileting and potty training is often challenging with typical…

Favorite Activities to Work on Shoulder Girdle Strengthening

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The shoulder girdle is very important in the functioning of the arms and the hands.  In order to use your hands efficiently, you need to have strong, stable shoulders for your arms to work off of.  Kids need to be able to easily reach up against…

Visual Perceptual Class Program with accommodations

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Here is a class program for visual perceptual problem areas, activities, and accommodations that I compiled from multiple sources.  I am unable to find those sources now, so if you know of them, let me know so that I can share them.