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  • clownfish stencil

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    A free clownfish stencil for tracing and coloring.

  • Adapted paper download

    $ 2.50

    Sometimes it helps to write on adapted paper so that you have a strong visual representation of where to write. Different types of paper is helpful in different situations. This download includes 19 pages of paper, and includes plain, yellow highlighted, grey, and dirt – grass – sky paper. Each type of paper comes both…

  • Ishy Sail Pencil Grip

    $ 5.95
    You can add it to the cart and checkout here or you can head over to therapy fun store to purchase your items. they will both checkout through the therapy fun store cart, but are not interchangeable.


  • class program for writing legibility

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    This is a simple handout to give to teachers and parents about the basic parts of writing legibility and how to work on legibility. It emphasizes uniformity of the the letters, writing on the line, and fixing errors. I will give this to teachers along with copies or the digital file of adapted paper to…

  • Simple Wide Pencil Paths

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    Modified paths to create wider and simpler paths to follow. There are 3 pages of pencil paths with straight lines, curved lines and a v path.

  • Hang man for writing

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    I love to play hang man in therapy because it motivates kids, and they can practice writing their letters and focus on getting the letters on the line and forming them properly. I usually just play on a blank piece of paper, but I thought that I would make a template that has the spaces…

  • erasing and writing game

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    This is a simple and fun game to practice writing and erasing. It starts with the concept of tic tac toe, but you can only have a certain number of marks on the paper, so you have to erase to keep playing. It is great for older kids that need that extra challenge, and that…

  • rainbow q-tip painting templates

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    Use a q-tip as your paint brush to put the right color dots onto the rainbow. This would work well to color in the dots with the right color as well in order to work on the dynamic movements of the fingers while coloring.

  • q-tip painting templates for fine motor control

    q-tip painting templates

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    A fun way to work on fine motor skills by painting with q-tips. Dip a q-tip into paint and make dots on the picture.  

  • mud paper sizes freebie

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    There are the letters that stand tall in the mud, the letters that sit in the mud, and the letters that dig their feet into the mud. There is paper for each size (standing, sitting, and digging), and I use them by printing them onto magnet paper so that I can put them on the…

  • cloud craftivity

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    The cloud craft is a cloud printed on the base paper, or you can have the kids draw their own cloud on the base paper. Then you have to glue cotton balls onto the cloud. You can use the lines to the side to write about clouds.

  • Pre-writing lines on tents and teepees

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    These are tents to make out of paper with line designs on them to practice the different style of lines used in writing. To go along with those are also three different teepees with different writing lines versions on them to help decorate the teepee while practicing pencil control. These tents and teepees will be…

  • Happy Caterpillar craftivity

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    This is a cute little caterpillar craft to color, cut, and write. You write something that you like about yourself (or something that makes you happy) on the caterpillar body parts and then cut them out and glue them together into a caterpillar. Read more on the blog.

  • Flower bouquet free template

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    This is a great activity for cutting and gluing. It is an activity to make a paper flower bouquet.  You could print the template one time onto card stock and then have the student trace it onto colored paper and cut it out. Read more about it on the blog.

  • about me writing page

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    This is a one page fill in page for students to write about their favorite things, such as food, animal, game, etc.

  • Writing self check

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    This is a digital download that you can print out and place on a student’s desk so that they can self-check there writing to make sure that it is legible and ready to turn in. The pdf has four to a page.