Keeping Active in the Summer: Tennis

It is Summer and the kids are out of school.  During school, the kids have recess and P.E. most days so they stay relatively active and work on many skills during school.  In the Summer, if left to their own devices, many kids will choose to watch TV or play video and computer games a bit more than is good for them.  They will then miss out on those skill building activities. Some of the best ways to build skills {Read More}

Favorite Summer Toy: Six Water Play Tools for Fine Motor Skills

A group of therapist bloggers have gotten together to share what our favorite summer toys or activities are.  This post is about my favorite summer toy, which is playing with water via squirt guns and other water tools.  In order to see all of the other favorite summer toys, you have to go to each of the other therapist’s blogs. Now here are my favorite summer toys and activities. Summer is all about water to me, and I try to {Read More}

Home Made Table Ice Hockey Game

This game takes a bit of time to put together, but it isn’t hard, and the materials are quite cheap.  I made the game originally to play in the pool, but I think that it actually works better played on a table, and I think that it would be fun to play it out in the snow too.  It is essentially like an air hockey table, but without air.  The puck can be a large piece of ice, or a {Read More}

Pool Balloon Races Using Squirt Guns

The kids I work with had a great time strengthening their hands with ball races that I posted about here. I thought it would be fun to use the squirt guns in the pool too. We used little balloons, but it would work with larger balloons, beach balls, and with the small practice golf balls too. Each person needs a balloon and a squirt gun/squirt bottle. We went across the shallow end of the pool so that everyone playing could {Read More}

Ice Cream Sundae Clothespin Game

When I was making my Clothespin Tower Games, one of the games is a game about building an ice cream sundae.  The game easily translates into a flat game without the tower, so I thought that at times I would prefer to use it that way.  It is exactly like the tower game, but played on a flat game board The Ice Cream Sundae clothespin game is a fun game that incorporates writing activities and pinching clothespins to work on {Read More}