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Pool Writing Using Sponges

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The pool is a fun and important place to spend time in during the summer months. You can add some fun word activities and even incorporate some writing to the fun of summer.

pool writing 1

I cut up some packs of sponges (but you could use craft foam just as easily) into quarters and wrote letters on them with permanent markers. I had enough pieces of sponge to have the full alphabet 2-3 times. The kids that I had doing this activity are proficient swimmers, so I did not worry how hard it would be to get to the letter sponges, so I just threw them in the pool. If necessary, you can use a ring or pool noodles to contain the sponges.

pool writing 2

I gave each child a laminated piece of paper and a crayon before they went off in search of letters. I had them go get 7 letters from the pool, and then they had to come back and see how many words they could make with the letters that they got. The kids were able to write onto their laminated paper with the crayons, and could even write under water. The cheaper crayons didn’t work as well when wet, but the better crayons worked well in the water.  A china marker would work even better as they are made to write when wet.

pool writing 3

This could be played in a baby pool as well. Just adding water to a familiar activity can make it unique and more fun. You could do words instead of letters, or have kids just write a word that starts with the letters that they found.


  • Sponges or craft foam
  • Laminated paper or white board
  • Crayons or china marker


  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Handwriting

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