Sensory Painting with Pasta and Edible Paint

When working with a sensory group with food aversions, I needed to make the activities fun as well as give exposure to some of the sensations that go along with food.  I wanted to have the food textures, smells and tastes available while making the activity about creating and not about eating.  I chose cooked pasta as the painting tools/paint brushes.  Then I made edible paint using plain yogurt with Kool-aid added for the color, flavor, and smell. We made {Read More}

Sweet Potato Play Dough

This Summer, I was running a group with kids that avoid food, so we played with all kinds of foods to get some pleasant associations with the smells and tastes. I wanted to make every day food into a fun activity, and one of the things we did was make play dough out of sweet potatoes. I used cooked sweet potato, marshmallow fluff, and cinnamon. We mashed the ingredients all together until it was the consistency of play dough, and {Read More}

Delicious Sensory Peanut Butter Play Dough

When working with kids who have food aversions, I work on having fun with food items. To make this delicious peanut butter play dough, I put the ingredients in a bowl and let the kids mix it all together. If you have a concern about peanut allergies, you can use sun butter instead of the peanut butter. We used peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and powdered sugar. I did not measure the ingredients out, and just added more powdered sugar if {Read More}

Taste Testing New Foods

When working with kids who are reluctant eaters, they often are afraid to even taste new foods.  They may have had a negative experience at one point with a certain type or flavor of food, and so they avoid trying it again.  I will often start by giving the kids permission to spit it out if they need to just to ease the anxiety related to trying something new.   We then will start with just tasting it by touching it {Read More}

Sensory Bird Feeders

A fun way to incorporate different sensory experiences, including food experiences, is to make pine cone bird feeders. I have three different types to make that each utilize a slightly different sensory experience. To start with, you attach a pipe cleaner to the top of the pine cone in order to hang the pine cone when done. The first one is made by spreading peanut butter (or sun butter) all over a pine cone. Then you roll the pine cone {Read More}