Many Uses of the Matrix Ball

I found a new ball that I love in many different ways.  I love it because I can use it form many different things.  My new favorite ball is called the Matrix Ball, and it is made by Tangle Creations.  The ball is a great texture and has open holes in it, but it still bounces.  It is a great texture and resistance to squeeze like a stress ball, and can also be used as a great fidget for some {Read More}

Fine Motor Coordination Speed

We talk a lot about doing fine motor activities and there are a lot of them available. Another aspect of motor ability though is the speed of the motor response. I can see a student’s motor response speed when we play the game with the balls and cup. I roll small bouncy balls across a table and the student has to catch them in a cup as they roll off of the table. The ball and cup game is great {Read More}

Bouncy Balls are Great for Therapy

I love using bouncy balls in therapy, and use the small balls for in-hand manipulation as well as catching them in cups when they roll off of the table.  I use the balls in cups when I evaluate a child as it gives me a good idea of the student’s motor coordination as well as motor speed when trying to catch the balls.  I have also used them to balance on golf tees to work on fine motor skills. I {Read More}

Balancing Balls on Golf Tees

I have a new activity for my bouncy balls to participate in. I stuck five golf tees into a piece of rigid Styrofoam, and then had kids balance the bouncy balls onto the tees. You can increase the challenge by holding multiple balls in one hand, and putting the balls on the tee at the same time. This requires some skill at in-hand manipulation, which gets the two sides of the hand doing different jobs. The pinky side is holding {Read More}