Fun foam on the Mirror

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One of my absolute favorite activities with young kids is playing with fun foam shapes on a mirror. It works well in the bathtub, shower, or on a glass door too. You spay the glass surface with water (great squeezing activity) and then the foam shapes will stick to the glass.

balance and reaching while putting objects on the glass

I will often have the kids work on balance and crossing mid-line while reaching at the same time. We can sit on a bolster, ball, or t-stool and reach across your body to the ground to get the next foam shape to put up. You can also work on squatting, half-kneel and standing.  In the gym I usually use a mirror, but when I am at a child’s house, often we use a glass door.

Foam pieces are great to put on the glass

You could match colors, numbers, alphabet, or shapes while working on shoulder strength with reaching up high.

you can reach and balance in all different positions

I use all kids of objects to place on the glass, as long as they can stick.  We do foam shapes, I have some little foam bug shapes which are great for fine motor skills.  Squigz are also a perfect tool for placing on the glass and they target some great skills when playing with them.

foam shapes and squigs are great to put on the glass


  • Squirt bottle
  • Glass surface
  • Fun foam shapes or Squigz


  • Reach and grasp
  • Balance
  • Crossing midline
  • Upper body strength
  • Fine Motor
  • bimanual


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