Putting out the chalk fire

Squeezing sponges is a great activity for hand strengthening, so I came up with a game to play that incorporates the squeezing of the sponges. This game will need to be played outside because it can get very wet. I wanted the kids to be able to squeeze the sponges on something that was upright, so I made some upright chalk board towers. I bought some plastic popcorn containers at the target dollar spot, sprayed them with plastic paint primer, {Read More}

Summer fun with water and chalk for fine motor

I have been seeing kids this summer for an early intervention program, and have been playing with sidewalk chalk and water.  Some younger kids will have trouble with squirt guns, so we are going to try a regular spray bottle. I broke all of the brand spankin’ new sidewalk chalk into smaller pieces.  There was a lot of full fisted coloring, and I wanted to illicit some coloring using just the fingers on the chalk.  One fellow I see is {Read More}

Using Sidewalk Chalk and Squirt Guns for Fine Motor

Playing with sidewalk chalk can work on and use a lot of different skills during therapy, and is a good activity. Using short pieces of chalk forces the fingers to use a tripod grasp, by using the index, second finger, and thumb. Writing on the sidewalk is also good for range of motion because the client has to get down to the ground to write. If you don’t want to write on the ground, you can write on the walls {Read More}