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Can we practice handwriting without a pencil, please?

Let me start by saying that I’m probably one of the few pediatric occupational therapists who needs help with arts and crafts!  No, seriously!  I am so thankful for the many wonderful websites and blogs whose authors share some of the most incredible activity ideas with me!  And, Pinterest?  Well, I’m not really sure what […]

Body language is a work of art!

      “What your body says to me is more accurate than what you say and it speaks to me before you do.  So always be aware that often we can tell  what you are thinking and feeling before you speak.”  (Joe Navarro)       Body language can be such an unfaithful friend.  And, […]

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Cursive Clubs: Moving Handwriting from Fine Motor to Functional!

There’s no question that cursive handwriting has taken the leading role on the stage of forsaken fine motor skills.  Its glamour has paled and its loops have sagged, that’s for sure.   Cursive debates have been making their rounds throughout the country.  But notwithstanding their clamor, the curly cues have retained their share of the billing.  […]


Motor Planning Made Easy

Take a moment to play along with me.  Think about your daily routine – at home or at work.  Walk yourself through a typical day starting from the moment after you are dressed and ready to go.  Let’s say you are leaving for work.  You know the route, how long it will take, where you’ll […]

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Handwriting depends upon a solid base of support!

This is a guest post by Katherine Collmer from Handwriting With Katherine. Did you know that efficient handwriting skills are first cousins to efficient postural skills?  And were you aware that good postural skills are close relatives of effective visual skills?  It’s true.  The “hip bone IS connected to the thighbone” and, indirectly, to every […]