Making a Crash Pad

A crash pad is a big foam filled squishy mat that you can fall onto and you land on the squishy foam. Crash pads are great fun for kids who like a lot of movement and body input since they can roll around in the big foam nest. Kids need to always be supervised when using such equipment since they may feel invincible with all of that foam, and so they will try things that may not be safe. I {Read More}

Making Adapted Seating

I have been using coroplast for years to make things out of, and have used it to adapt seating, make clothespin games frames, make guinea pig cages, and to make other things around my house and therapy office.  It is a corrugated plastic, so it is a lot like cardboard, but it is plastic.  I use Tri-wall to make little chairs and trays out of, but the cool thing about the Coroplast is that it is easily cleaned because it {Read More}

Go Baby Go Project gets little kids powered mobility

There is a Physical Therapy professor at University of Delaware named Cole Galloway who has a mission to get young children mobile, and uses ride on toys from Toys R Us.  He modifies them to fit the child’s specific needs, and even incorporates some to their therapy goals to help with the device.  The project is called Go Baby Go. There is a news article about the project that is very interesting, and they are working on training  other people {Read More}

A video on how to make Tri-wall

Triwall is cardboard that is 3 layers thick.  In therapy we use it to make floor sitters and other positioning devices.  It is nice and strong, and easy to cut and glue together.  Here is a video I found on the web about how to make your own triwall. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop

paraplegic exoskeleton

This is kind of a cool article on a walking device for paraplegics. You can read the full article. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop