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  • Building Pictures With Shapes

    $ 0.00

    The pictures included to copy are of a dog, cat, bunny, cow, mouse, truck, submarine, house, and ice cream cone. It is great for working on visual perceptual skills to have kids figure out which shapes will be used in the pictures. You can cut out and laminate the shapes, or print them on magnet…

  • Fabric Marble Maze Pattern

    $ 0.00

    Print the pattern out onto parchment paper which is cut to the size of regular paper so it will print on your printer.  Then place the parchment paper pattern onto a double layer of fleece material (or other material you are using), and sew right over the lines on the parchment paper.  Your stitch width…

  • Wild Animal Clothespin Game

    $ 2.95

    This is a fine motor game where you put clothespins on animals as their legs. There is also a writing component. It works on fine motor strengthening while practicing classroom knowledge. Objective The goal of the game is to get all eight of your animal legs before your opponent while incorporating writing practice and fine…

  • Build a Flower Game

    $ 2.95

    A new clothespin game where you have to build the flower petal by petal and use the clothespin to hold the petals onto the flower. There are three different ways to play the game.  You can play it with the marble bowling or dice, a card game like go fish or a card game like…

  • Flower Garden Free Sample

    Flower Garden Free Sample

    $ 0.00

    These are flowers with stems that have letters on them. You duct tape them to some dowels and stick the dowels into florist foam in a bucket (and it works to use rice, play doh, or beans also) so that the flowers are growing up out of the bucket. You then can have the kids…

  • Flower Garden Clothespin Game

    Flower Garden Clothespin Game

    $ 3.00

    The full game has three parts, not including the free version. There is the simple flat one page of flowers to clip matching letter leaves onto. It is a simple letter or color matching activity for those who need the simplicity. The second game is the flower garden using popsicle sticks. You velcro the flowers…

  • Pet Store Feeding the Pets

    $ 2.50

    A cute activity to work on fine motor skills while feeding the pets in the pet store. First you roll the dice to determine which animal you will be feeding (each animal is assigned a number on the board). Then it is time to feed your animal. You roll the dice to see how much…

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