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  • Pencil (etc.) Obstacle Courses – Second Edition

    $ 7.50

    A new set of Pencil Obstacle courses from Jennifer Dodge at  There is now a new second packet of Pencil (Etc) Obstacle Courses ready! I’m excited to share them with you to use with students to build pencil control and other school-tool skills.  This all-new set includes ideas on some different skills. For example,…

  • Scissor Cutting Turkey with write on feathers

    $ 0.00

    You can incorporate writing with the activity by having your students write something that they are thankful for on each turkey feather. Turkey template to work on with your students. You cut out the turkey and the feathers, and can color them or print out the ones that are already colored.

  • pumpkin cutting to work on cutting skills

    pumpkin cutting to work on cutting skills

    $ 0.00

    Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth, and glue them on. Included is a white pumpkin in case you want your students to color it too. I then had my students write what they like about fall and/or Halloween. I like to use this template paper so that they can glue their art on one…

  • therapy fun zone - practice writing and cutting with flower petals

    Flower Writing Lines

    $ 0.00

    also included a page that you just draw and color with no cutting. It has the flower completed, and you just draw the lines and color it, and then you can write about the flower below it.  Also included are some duplicate pages with no lines to trace so the kids can do the drawing…

  • Flower Honeycomb Fine Motor

    Flower Honeycomb Fine Motor

    $ 0.00

    This is a simple little coloring activity to work on fine motor skills by drawing little circles in the honeycomb after collecting the pollen from the flowers. This comes as a black and white pdf that you can color. See all of the pollen bee activities in the store. Read more in the blog.

  • Bee Pollen Honey Fine Motor Pack - digital download

    Bee Pollen Honey Fine Motor Pack – digital download

    $ 8.95

    This is a big pack of fine motor activities with a bee, pollen, honey theme.  Included are pencil paths, mazes, circles, paper tearing, and hole punching activities.  This pack includes a variety of different activities that work on fine motor skills.  There are 6 different winding pencil paths, 5 different pages of paths across the…

  • Flower Garden Free Sample

    Flower Garden Free Sample

    $ 0.00

    These are flowers with stems that have letters on them. You duct tape them to some dowels and stick the dowels into florist foam in a bucket (and it works to use rice, play doh, or beans also) so that the flowers are growing up out of the bucket. You then can have the kids…

  • Crack the Code Writing

    Crack the Code Writing

    $ 2.95

    There is a strip of letters with the matching code that I can put up on the board. I also made some cards with the shapes on them, so the kids are given a card and they have to search the code to find out what letter they need to write. There are also cards…

  • Pencil Adventures 16-24

    $ 7.95

    A new set of Pencil Adventures to work on pencil control. I found that in therapy I was often drawing paths for kids to follow, so these pencil adventures are perfect to incorporate into your activities. Many people like to use them as a warm up activity, and it can make it fun for reluctant…

  • Sandwich Deli Order Download

    $ 2.50

    This is a companion download to go with the button sandwich if you want to make your own extra toppings. The download includes a large color order checklist, order forms to write down the sandwich ingredients ordered, and sandwich topping cards to choose random toppings. The big button sandwich pack includes this download.