Crack the Code Writing

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There is a strip of letters with the matching code that I can put up on the board. I also made some cards with the shapes on them, so the kids are given a card and they have to search the code to find out what letter they need to write. There are also cards with words on them written in code. They can then search the code and figure out what word they need to write.

For the older kids that need an even harder challenge, I have worksheets with a question or statement on them. The kids have to translate the statement and then write the answer down.

Included is:

  • 2 codes, 1 shape, 1 runes
  • 6 code worksheets
  • shape cards
  • Rune cards
  • 64 Word cards

Use the code to decipher and practice writing. Use the short strip on your desk, or tape the long strips together to practice scanning at a distance to find the right letters to crack the code. Runes are an ancient Norse alphabet.

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