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  • cloud craftivity

    $ 0.00

    The cloud craft is a cloud printed on the base paper, or you can have the kids draw their own cloud on the base paper. Then you have to glue cotton balls onto the cloud. You can use the lines to the side to write about clouds.

  • Road Writing Road Maps only

    $ 9.95

    The files include the four large maps in color and with a white background, and the compressed 1 page road in color and white background. I have several kids that I work with who needed to get back to the basics of writing. Some of them could not even follow a path from one point…

  • Rainbow Puzzle Game

    $ 0.00

    You have color dice, number dice, and word dice.  You also have a color rainbow and blank rainbow to build on. To play the game you first roll a color dice and a number dice.  This tells you how many pieces of what color that you get to place on your rainbow.  Get your pieces…

  • Cloud Clothespin Game

    $ 3.50

    Activities that I made: Cloud craft on base paper Writing activity to draw your cloud, and write about being in the clouds Cloud bowling game with letters or words Clothespin cloud matching Cloud Craft The cloud craft is a cloud printed on the base paper, or you can have the kids draw their own cloud…

  • Roll a Shape Digital Download

    $ 4.95

    The object of the game is to get more of the shape dice that match your cards before your opponent. Pieces and Set up: The game comes with 12 plastic dice with printed shape stickers to put on them. Also included is a deck of shape cards. To play, first you shuffle the cards and…

  • Building Pictures With Shapes

    $ 0.00

    The pictures included to copy are of a dog, cat, bunny, cow, mouse, truck, submarine, house, and ice cream cone. It is great for working on visual perceptual skills to have kids figure out which shapes will be used in the pictures. You can cut out and laminate the shapes, or print them on magnet…

  • Flower Garden Free Sample

    Flower Garden Free Sample

    $ 0.00

    These are flowers with stems that have letters on them. You duct tape them to some dowels and stick the dowels into florist foam in a bucket (and it works to use rice, play doh, or beans also) so that the flowers are growing up out of the bucket. You then can have the kids…

  • Flower Garden Clothespin Game

    Flower Garden Clothespin Game

    $ 3.00

    The full game has three parts, not including the free version. There is the simple flat one page of flowers to clip matching letter leaves onto. It is a simple letter or color matching activity for those who need the simplicity. The second game is the flower garden using popsicle sticks. You velcro the flowers…

  • Color Pop Jar

    Color Pop Jar

    $ 32.95
    You can add it to the cart and checkout here or you can head over to therapy fun store to purchase your items. they will both checkout through the therapy fun store cart, but are not interchangeable.


  • Crack the Code Writing

    Crack the Code Writing

    $ 2.95

    There is a strip of letters with the matching code that I can put up on the board. I also made some cards with the shapes on them, so the kids are given a card and they have to search the code to find out what letter they need to write. There are also cards…

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