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The files include the four large maps in color and with a white background, and the compressed 1 page road in color and white background.

I have several kids that I work with who needed to get back to the basics of writing. Some of them could not even follow a path from one point to another.

I got out my car mat, and had them follow the roads with their car and look for the places that I told them to drive to. I wanted them to be able to write on the car mat too, so I made my own car roads that I printed out and laminated. I made them big for the cars to drive on, and I laminated them and taped them together so that they could be folded easily and drawn on using dry erase markers or crayons.

Finding the places on the car roads, such as the ice cream shop and the castle, and driving the car on the road from one point to another, are great for working on visual perceptual skills.

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