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The object of the game is to get more of the shape dice that match your cards before your opponent.

Pieces and Set up:

The game comes with 12 plastic dice with printed shape stickers to put on them. Also included is a deck of shape cards.

To play, first you shuffle the cards and then begin the game by dealing out four shape cards to each player. The players set their shape cards in front of them in a row. Then all 12 dice are rolled at a time in a semi contained area. (wiki sticks work well to create a contained area). The players then need to scan the rolled dice and find the shapes that match their cards going from left to right. When the player finds a shape, they grab that dice, and place it in front of their card. Once all of the shapes available have been found, the players put the shape cards that have a matching dice aside, and return the dice to the pile. The cards are replaced so that each player still has four cards in front of them. Then all of the dice are rolled again, and the players search for the matching shapes. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end.

The game is shipped directly from the printers, so you will get the dice and the printed stickers and will need to put the stickers onto the dice yourself. I originally made the game by printing out the shapes and mod podging them onto 1 inch foam cubes. Once I played with them that way for a while, I had them printed and put onto plastic dice from a game making service. You can get them either way, a digital download and make them yourself, or your can get the physical game. When ordering the digital download, they are sized to fit onto 1 inch foam cubes.

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