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Creature/Monster writing is an activity where you roll a dice to see how many parts you need to draw on your creature and then you write about it.

Included are files for monster body shapes to give starter ideas, Body parts list with lines to write on, a word bank list to help with sentence construction, simple sentence list to copy, word from the sentence list to use to piece together into a sentence, word bank list to print and cut out to use to piece together for sentences, wording in sentences with either creature or monster.

To begin the activity, you have the student pick one of the monster bodies to copy onto their paper as the start of their monster/creature. You then have them roll the dice and write down the number for each of the monster body parts. Now you can draw the number of each body part onto the monster.

Now it is time to write about your monster. The student could make up their own sentence, or use one of the provided sentences to copy. There is also a word bank for the students to pick out parts of their sentence and build their sentence.

I also will have the students read the sentence they want to write, then I cover it up and give them the words spread out in front of them. They have to find the words for their sentence and put it together. Then I cover that up and see if they can remember all of the words to write their sentence.

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