Pencil Adventures 1-8

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When providing Occupational Therapy to kids, I often work on fine motor skills, which includes handwriting skills. I frequently will draw paths for kids to follow with their pencils, and make animals beside the path to make it fun to try to stay on the path and not get eaten. I have made these Pencil Adventures so that practicing pencil control can be fun.


  • Have the child follow the path. You may need to tell them where they are to go first and read to them what they are supposed to do.
  • I like to laminate these and use them over and over with dry erase markers or dry erase crayons.

Pencil Adventures 1-4 includes:

  •  the Pencil Playground
  •  Pencil Gymnastics
  •  Pencil River Adventure
  •  Pencil Pirate Treasure Hunt

 5-8 includes

  •  Dragon Adventure
  • three page Egyptian Adventure

Also included is the file of each adventure with the path highlighted in yellow. You get 8 adventures in all and 16 pages.

Digital File Information:

The digital files will be sent in PDF format, and it is up to you to print out and laminate them if you would like. The files will be immediately available for download once payment is received. Included in the pack are the pencil adventures and yellow highlighted path versions of the pencil adventures. These files and documents are for personal use only, and are intended to be printed out and used by an individual during therapy or doing activities with children. They can be printed multiple times, but are only to be used by one adult/therapist. These are not for resale.

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