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  • Flower bouquet free template

    $ 0.00

    This is a great activity for cutting and gluing. It is an activity to make a paper flower bouquet.  You could print the template one time onto card stock and then have the student trace it onto colored paper and cut it out. Read more about it on the blog.

  • Snow man dressing

    $ 0.00

    A cute template for dressing up a snowman. This can work on fine motor skills as well as visual motor skill. Read about it on the blog.

  • Poke Pictures download

    $ 6.00

    Poke pictures are great to work on fine motor skills by using a small push pin (thumb tack) to poke holes around a picture at intervals. The size of the thumb tack is perfect to facilitate a tripod grasp. Includes 21 pictures and upper and lower case alphabet, and numbers.

  • Ice Cream Shop download

    $ 3.50

    It’s fun to play ice cream shop, and now you can work on fine motor, counting, matching, and writing skills while playing ice cream shop. This is a digital download that includes the ice cream shop menu, order forms, scoops in 9 different colors, cones with color dots to match scoop colors and with numbers…

  • Color Pop Game

    $ 0.00

    The board has colors at the top, and numbers on the left, so the kids roll both dice to get their top color and their number. They then have to find the corresponding word or letter on the chart. Once they find their word or letter (there are different charts to work on these separately),…

  • Easter Egg Writing Lines

    Easter Egg Writing Lines

    $ 0.00

    It includes practice writing lines, coloring, cutting, and writing.  You can choose a simple grouping of eggs to practice lines on and then color.  It also has a place at the bottom of the picture to write some sentences.  The second choice is  eggs to practice lines on.  You can then color the eggs and…

  • Catapult Birds

    $ 3.00

    Make a catapult out of clothespins and use it to shoot pom pom birds to a target. Use a catapult to launch your pom pom bird to a target that has letters, words or cards to draw and write answers. Included in digital download: 5 targets (bird cards, letters, words, blank) word cards letter cards…

  • Home Program for in hand manipulation

    $ 0.00

    This is a simple home program for in-hand manipulation skills using small crayons. Read more on the blog.

  • Pencil Obstacle Course

    $ 7.50

    These ones are hand drawn, and are very creative. They are made by another therapist, so are not included in the membership discount. Some of the obstacle courses work on erasing skills as well as writing skills.  There are 13 different obstacle courses to work on accuracy with a pencil while making all different shapes. …

  • Snow man and Hot Cocoa fine motor activities

    $ 4.95

    This snow man game to work on fine motor skills, and it has several different games that you can play to work on many different skills.  For the main game, each student has his own game board shaped like a snow ball.  There are three boards to choose from, one blank, one with letters, and…

  • Ocean Animal Clothespin Game

    $ 3.00

    Included is an octopus body, a crab, starfish, lobster, and sea anemone that you clip the clothespins onto as the tentacles and legs. They all have 8 spaces to put the clips onto. There are also bowling boards to give more dimension to the game than just adding the clothespins. In place of the Monster…

  • Ice Cream Sundae Clothespin Game

    $ 3.00

    This game is a flat game board version of the ice cream sundae game that is included with the clothespin tower games. This version does not require the tower frame. The objective to the game is to move through the game, do writing and other activities indicated in the cards, and to collect ice cream…

  • Cloud Clothespin Game

    $ 3.50

    Activities that I made: Cloud craft on base paper Writing activity to draw your cloud, and write about being in the clouds Cloud bowling game with letters or words Clothespin cloud matching Cloud Craft The cloud craft is a cloud printed on the base paper, or you can have the kids draw their own cloud…

  • Clothespin Tower Games

    $ 9.95

    These Clothespin Tower Games are a digital download that you print out and make to fit on the frame of a stacked letter holder. You can purchase the required letter holder on Amazon, on Therapy Fun Zone, or at Target. If you wish to purchase the frame with the digital download, make sure that you…

  • Clothespin Matching for fine motor strength

    $ 2.95

    You start with clothespins at one end of the room with numbers written on them. The child attaches the clothespins to the bottom of their shirt. You could have a ribbon for them to attach them to if you want. Then the student must get on the scooterboard and go down to the other end…

  • Clothespin Games

    $ 8.95

    You can download them and make your own clothespin frame if you want to use the frame, or you could use clothespins and pom poms to move around the games. I also use small magnets and a cookie sheet to play the games and work on fine motor skills.  You can also make a clothespin…

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