Ice Cream Sundae Clothespin Game

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This game is a flat game board version of the ice cream sundae game that is included with the clothespin tower games. This version does not require the tower frame. The objective to the game is to move through the game, do writing and other activities indicated in the cards, and to collect ice cream sundae toppings on the way.

The Sundae toppings are clipped onto your ice cream sundae card using clothespins to work on finger strengthening. The game cards have writing tasks and questions to answer as well as actions to do in the game. The winner is the person who gets to the end of the game with all of his sundae toppings clipped to the card.

The digital download includes:

  • the game board
  • ice cream sundae cards
  • ice cream sundae topping pieces
  • ice cream sundae game action cards

You need to supply your own clothespins, dice, and game tokens. To make the game, you print out the game boards and game parts and laminate them. Each player needs a game marker. Each player uses an ice cream sundae card to use to clip their sundae topping to. If writing during the game, you will need paper and pencils. You can add any types of cards for game play, such as alphabet cards to practice writing letters or words, flash cards to work on math facts, and your own cards to work on practicing different class subjects.

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