The Scissor Skills Book

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This book is written by a team of 10 pediatric physical and occupational therapists with years of experience in the field, The Scissor Skills Book is the ultimate resource for tips, strategies, suggestions, and information to support scissor use by kids.

The Scissor Skills Book breaks the functional skill of cutting with scissors into several developmental areas including:

  • developmental progression of scissor use
  • fine motor skill involvement
  • gross motor development
  • sensory considerations and
  • visual perceptual skills

Each section includes strategies and tips to improve these underlying areas.

  • Help for kids who struggle with cutting accurately
  • Creative tips to keep things interesting for kids who lose interest easily
  • Quick, practical strategies that can be put into action today!
  • Ideas for kids who cut too fast or too slow
  • Support for kids who can’t grasp scissors efficiently
  • Strategies for right-handed and left-handed children

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