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Connect 4

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An Occupational Therapy clinic can not function without this game. That may be an over statement, but Connect 4 certainly does work on a lot of OT skills.

You have to pick up the checker-like pieces and reach up and slide them into the slots at the top of the game. The goal is to get four in a row going vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

connect four

Picking up the pieces works on fine motor control, reaching to put the piece in the game works on upper extremity strength, range of motion, and crossing midline if positioned right. Getting the piece into the slot works on visual/perceptual-motor skills.

On top of those skills, in order to win the game you have to be aware of all of the pieces played going in multiple directions, and be able to perceptually see the pieces and how they are being played.

It is quite a fun and therapeutic game.


  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual/perceptual motor skills
  • Upper extremity strengthening
  • Crossing midline
  • Using an involved extremity
  • Upper extremity range of motion

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  1. Hello I am on OTAS I am adapting connect four do you have any imput on it I am looking into decrease vision decrease ROM, decrease memory.

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