Sugar Bugs Clothespin Game

I have been meaning to make a clothespin game with bugs and their legs (the clothespins) for a while, and have just finished it. It combines two of the kids’ favorite things, sugar and bugs. This game is great for any time of the year since there is no time of the year that sugar and bugs are not enjoyed, but it is definitely appropriate around Valentines day. The game uses a spiral game board shaped like a wrapped piece {Read More}

Coloring and Cutting Heart Bugs and Caterpillars

Last year I made some really cute heart butterflies, and wanted to increase it by having other bugs to make too.  They make cute little valentine love bugs. The bugs are very similar to the heart butterflies with the same template shapes, but changed in order to look more like ladybug type of bugs.  You can also put several together to make cute little heart caterpillars.       I did the same thing with the bugs that I did {Read More}

Making heart butterflies

For a fun craft this year, I had the kids color hearts, cut them out, and make butterflies out of them.  I think that they made adorable little love bugs.  Maybe next I will create different bugs to be cut out, but for now it is butterflies. I had the kids glue their butterflies onto my base paper so that they could write at the side of the paper what their favorite thing about valentines day is.  Some of the {Read More}