Adolescent Hygiene Challenges

Adolescence is a time when kids are starting to reach a level of maturity where they begin to be more self sufficient in hygiene, and they have a bunch of brand new hygiene issues starting due to changing hormones. When you have kids that have challenges, then it can take more time to adjust to the extra adolescent hygiene needs, and it can take extra reminders and work to help develop a level of independence in these areas. With the {Read More}

Tips on Shaving for Teenagers who have Hemiparesis

This is a guest post by Marie Logan, OTR/L about teenagers and shaving when they have hemiparesis.  As children mature into teenagers there are undoubtedly times of transition that can be a bit awkward for them as well as their parents. As they grow older we expect our teenagers to begin to take care of them self. So what happens when your teenager is going through all of these changes and has a form of motor impairment such as hemiparesis? {Read More}

Car Wash

When the weather is warm, it is always fun to play in the water. Here is a fun activity that has water play, with some self-care skills and fine motor skills all mixed into one activity. When washing your hands, you use visual perception and motor planning to see and physically scrub the dirt off of them. In order to work on this skill using a fun activity, I set up a car wash. Really, I guess I should say {Read More}

Tea Party

A tea party is fun for both young and old.  It is even more fun when you use a nice china tea set and fancy linens.  It can be really fun and motivating when real food and real drink is used.  Preparation and clean-up is of course a big part of the activity, and can really target visual motor skills.  It is never bad to practice washing dishes. There are so many skills that having a tea party works on, such as {Read More}