Messy Play and Fine Motor with Munchy Ball

Now that I have the new vinyl Munchy Balls, I was eager to use them in messy play.  I started simple with water beads, which are the perfect size to feed to the Munchy Ball.  It was fun to fill the ball up all the way and then have the ball spit out all of the beads.  We fed the water beads one at a time, and we had the Munchy Ball gulp up the beads by the mouthful.  The {Read More}

Home Made Infinity Loop Toy

An Infinity Loop is a ball run that goes around and around, and you have to keep moving it to keep the ball on the run. Its beginning is its end and it just keeps going. I have quickly and easily made an infinity loop toy out of two sturdy paper plates and some duct tape. First you cut into the plate about 2 ½ inches and then cut around the inside to take the middle out of the plate. {Read More}

Make Your Own Zoom-Ball

Every clinic needs to have a Zoom Ball since it is so great for working on so many skills. You hold the handles and pull them out wide so that the zoom-ball moves along the two strings to the person holding the other handles. In order to make your own zoom ball, you just need two water bottles, scissors, two long pieces of string, and some duct tape. You cut the spout top of the bottles off, string the string {Read More}


Here is a post submitted by a reader: This is a good activity for drawing circles, handwriting, and cutting, as well as pattern recognition.  I created a “caterpillar head” print out and have the kids each color and cut out the head. Then, they choose three colors of construction paper to use to make the body.  They draw three circles on each piece of construction paper (9 total) about 2-3 inches in diameter. In the circles, they have to write {Read More}