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Make Your Own Zoom-Ball

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Every clinic needs to have a Zoom Ball since it is so great for working on so many skills. You hold the handles and pull them out wide so that the zoom-ball moves along the two strings to the person holding the other handles.


In order to make your own zoom ball, you just need two water bottles, scissors, two long pieces of string, and some duct tape. You cut the spout top of the bottles off, string the string through them, and then duct tape them together. I made handles in the end of my string out of duct tape.


That is it. So simple, and works on so many skills. You can work on hand strengthening, range of motion, arm strength, motor planning, and bimanual coordination. You also have to get into a rhythm to get the bottles sliding smoothly back and forth.



  • 2 empty water bottles
  • scissors
  • string
  • duct tape


  • Hand strengthening
  • Range of motion
  • Arm strength
  • Motor planning
  • Bimanual coordination

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  1. This is amazing!!! I use many recycled items and will definately add this to my bag of tricks!!!

  2. To Tonya,
    I m trying to modify and adapt an electronic Kidz Bop keyboard for a little girl who has extremely low muscle tone and direct selection with 1 finger only. Any ideas!!!!

  3. Hallo Tonya

    Our Zoom ball doesn’t want to zoom! What are we doing wrong? How long must the string be? We’ve used 2liter bottles? Can it perhaps be too big?

    1. Make sure the person receiving the ball has their hands close together as the sender opens their arms wide.

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