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Roll a Shape Game

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I was working on visual perceptual games and wanted to get the kids to work on visually scanning to find what they are looking for. To do this, I came up with a game I call Roll a Shape Game, using 12 dice with shapes on them. I also made cards with shapes on them so that I could give the cards to the kids so they would know what shapes they were looking for.

roll a shape 1web

When playing the game, I hand out four shape cards to each player. Then we pick up all 12 of the dice and drop them on the table. It could help to use Wikki Stix on the table to make a circle to roll the dice in so that the dice stay a little bit contained. Once the dice are rolled, the kids have to scan the dice and grab the ones that match their shape cards.

roll a shape 2web

The kids can get quite competitive to try to get their shapes first. When you match your shapes and no more can be matched, you set aside the matched cards into your keep pile, and replace them so that each person still has four cards in front of them. Then you take all of the dice back, and roll again.

The winner of the game is the person who has the most cards in their keep pile after all of the cards have been played.

roll a shape 3

By using a large number of dice, you can really make a visual scanning challenge.  I originally made the game by printing out the shapes and mod podging them onto 1 inch foam cubes.  Once I played with them that way for a while, I had them printed and put onto plastic dice from a game making service.  You can get them either way, a digital download and make them yourself, or your can get the physical game.


  • shape drawings
  • cubes or dice
  • shape cards


  • visual perceptual
  • visual scanning
  • visual memory
  • bimanual (lots of dice)

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