OT Month: Plus, Book and fine motor Toy Give-aways

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It may not be apparent here on my blog, but I am a bit of a non-joiner.  When people ask what I am doing for OT month, my typical response is “Was I supposed to do something?”.

ot month 1

Well this month, the planets have aligned correctly, and I have and am doing something. (Do you hear the singing?)

ot month 2

My daughter’s high school careers class asked me to come and speak about my career.  How thoughtful of them to request this during OT month so that it can all tie in so perfectly.

ot month 3

I gave a little talk about OT in general, and then got more specific about pediatrics since that is what I do. I set up different activities around the room for the kids to try out.  I brought my scooterboard, chopsticks, clothespin games, bouncy balls, pom poms with tongs, KBEU dad, mom, and baby, and theraputty.

ot month 4

The kids had a lot of fun, and I think that maybe they might have learned something about OT too.

ot month 5

Now for some even more amazing participation on my part (really, my husband would be shocked). In celebration of OT month, I am going to have four different give-aways. 

I will be giving away:


    I am posting all four of the give-aways in one post, but you have to sign up for each one of them separately. It could theoretically be possible for one person to win all four of these give-aways (especially if only one person signs up).

    To enter, just post a comment stating what you are hoping to win. If you want to enter all four, then you need to enter 4 comments. That’s it. Make sure that you add yourself to the rafflecopter entry of the give-away that you are interested in below. This helps me to pick a random winner.

    These give-aways will last for 2 weeks, because I have noticed that as busy therapists and parents, we don’t always have time to check on blogs every week, so I want everyone to have a chance to enter if they want. The give-away will close on 4/24/12.

    Entries are only open to those in the United States due to shipping costs.

    The K-BEU Mom pillow and baby are items sent to me from the manufacturer to review. They have been used for review purposes and in my OT month presentation at my daughter’s high school. That is the only use that they have seen. The K-BEU Dad and the two books were purchased by me, are new, and I decided to use them as a give-away. The “Just Take a Bite” book was an accidental duplicate purchase (I now have two of them) so I decided to do a give-away rather than return it. Some lucky person will benefit from my error.

    Let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Thank you for the chance to win the book, “Take Ten, advice, games & activites to develop fine motor skills”. My daughter receives OT through school & a privater therapist. But I always welcome new ideas for home.

  2. Love checking into your site through FB links and these giveaways just make it more fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. I am always looking for small animals/items to hide in putty and do tong/tweezer activities with… what are you grabbing in your first picture, and where did you get them?

    1. They are little rubber dinosaurs that I found in the target dollar spot a couple of weeks ago. They came in a little egg.

  4. I decided to become a therapist thanks to a high school career day so maybe you changed the life for someone!

  5. I love your website and check in to see whats new each week! Thanks for the chance to win

  6. The KBEU mom and baby would be a great addition to my bag of play things…esp for my preschool age kiddos.

  7. I would love the chance to win the fine motor skills activity book. I see lots of books I want to purchase now and then and never get around to buying them. This is my chance!!! Thanks again for the opportunity! Love your site!

  8. I am a new therapist and the two books and two plush toys would be an amazing addition to my OT bag. I trying to get as many new things as I can and be creative. The book Just take a bite, would be helpful with my pre-kers that are having eating trouble and texture aversion. The two toys would be great for my younger k-2nd grade kids to figure out and work with. Personally I would love the fine motor book, take ten to get more ideas. I love your site and have shared it with all of my OT co-workers.

  9. Love your website, lots of great ideas!!!!! I look for your newsletter every Sunday. Thanks for all of the great information. Your giveaways are a great idea to celebrate OT month. I signed up for all of your products as they would all be very useful in my work with EI, Preschool and School aged kids.

  10. I am an OT, love your ideas and would love to win the KBEU mom pillow and baby. I like how you do a nice combination of ideas I can make and inexpensive activities I can buy.

  11. Happy OT month!!
    Technical errors on my part…if you get a blank contest entry for the FM book, it’s from me! I tried to enter but obviously had some problems getting the comment section to work. Thought I would take a second to tell you that I enjoy your site. Thanks for spreading the O.T. Love! :) -Tracy

  12. I work with 3-5 year olds. They would love playing/working with the KBEU mom and baby.

  13. I would love to win the K-BEU Mum Pillow and Baby. I live in Thailand but would happily cover the postage costs if I won. Is that OK? I am adopting a boy out here who has lots of sensory processing difficulties so this looks ideal for him!

  14. I would love to win the KBEU mom pillow and baby. I love this website and wonder how you do it all????

  15. I am so excited to have an opportunity to win the take ten book. I am always so excited to see the new posts for all the great ideas! Thank you:)

  16. Thank you so much for sharing all of your time, knowledge and great ideas. I enjoy your weekly newsletter and look forward to the ideas that you share to expand into my practice. I would love the opportunity to win the book for fine motor activities. I have Just take a bite and really love it!

  17. I always enjoy reading your blog. I have had the “Just Take a Bite” book on my reading/hope to purchase list for quite some time. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  18. I have been reading your activities,and hope to take some time this summer to be able to make some of the nice ideas. I like the K Beu Dad sensory activity and would love to win it!!

  19. I have been exploring your website and all the activities to both purchase and /or make. I love to make things, when I have time in the summer, thanks for your ideas and nice explanations. Your book “Take Ten” looks great, and maybe I might even be lucky enough to win it.

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