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Practice Buttoning with Felt Oreo Cookies

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I was inspired by making the buttoning pizza to make more food that requires buttoning. I see a whole line of fun button food in my future. Here is an oreo cookie that I made. It is very similar to the button snake, but looks like an oreo.

button oreo 1web

One difference from the button snake is that the ribbon is much shorter, so it can be more challenging to get the button in the holes. The ribbon is sewn onto the bottom chocolate colored piece of felt.

button oreo 2web

You can now purchase some buttoning food in the Therapy Fun Store, and you can get the patterns and directions to make your own no-sew version of the button food. You can find the free oreo pattern sample here.


  • Black and white felt pieces with button holes
  • Ribbon
  • Button


  • Fine motor
  • Bimanual
  • Visual perceptual
  • Adl
  • Buttoning





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