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Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

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One of the Kindergarten classes that I visited today was making Christmas Trees out of ice cream cones.

ice cream cone xmas trees 1web

First you get a sugar cone, the kind with the pointy tip. Then you spread green frosting all over the cone. You can use red licorice strings as garland, and sprinkle it with colored sugar sprinkles.

ice cream cone xmas trees 2web

This is a quick and easy activity that is fun and yummy. The client practices spreading with a knife in a fun way, and the spreading works on fine motor control and motor planning. You can work on fine tip pinch when putting on the sugar sprinkles.

ice cream cone xmas trees 3web


  • Ice cream cones
  • Green frosting
  • Licorice strings
  • Colored sugar sprinkles


  • Fine Motor
  • ADL’s (spreading with a knife)
  • Motor planning

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