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Munchy Ball’s Adventures in Flight

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Our Munchy Ball has been going on many adventures, and he is such a great toy to do so much different pretend play with.  Recently, Munchy Ball wanted to go flying, which sounded like a great adventure and we just had to figure out how to make it happen for him.


We rigged up a parachute for him using a plastic grocery bag and pipe cleaners.  We attached the pipe cleaners to the handles of the grocery bag and then placed the other end of the pipe cleaners into Munchy Ball’s mouth.  It worked perfectly as long as he was going a decent distance down.  It didn’t work to just throw him in the air, but it did work when we tossed him off of a balcony and a high porch deck.

It was great problem solving and motor planning to figure out the best way for Munchy to fly.

What other adventures do you think Munchy Ball would like to go on?

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