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New Vinyl Munchy Ball for Fine Motor

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I am excited that the vinyl Munchy Balls are in the shop and they have great resistance to work on fine motor skills and hand strengthening.  The great thing about them being vinyl balls is that they are washable, which is important when working in a clinic setting.


When I got the first Munchy Balls that are made out of tennis balls, the question was put out there whether they were latex free.  The tennis balls are made of rubber, but these new balls are made of vinyl and not rubber.  The Munchy Ball is a ball that has eyes and a mouth cut into it.  You have to squeeze beside the mouth to get the mouth to open.  You can then feed small objects to the Munchy Ball, which requires strength in the squeezing hand and the use of both hands together.

Since the new balls are washable, I am going to use them in some sensory messy play activities too.  I bet they would be fun to feed water beads to.  Check out more posts about the Munchy Balls.

What is your favorite thing to feed to a Munchy Ball?


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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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  1. Thank you Tonya for creating this! I am a school based OT who is allergic to latex. I am going to purchase these to use with my students. Awesome! Thanks again, Kelly:)

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