I need help with a new tag line

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I was contacted very strangely a few weeks ago by what appeared to be a random internet stalker.  Turns out, it wasn’t random, and he wasn’t a stalker.  He was representing Fun and Function (the big web therapy store), and they wanted me to change my tag line so that it wasn’t as close to theirs.  My first reaction was “are you kidding me”?  I sat on it for a little while, and thought about it.  Then the owner of Fun and Function contacted me, and was very nice and not weird stalkerish at all.  I tend to not listen to rude stalkerish people, but I will listen to nice friendly people, so I agreed to change my tag line, but have no idea what to change it to. 

I need help!!  Currently, my tag line is “Keeping the Fun in Function”. 

logo copySo what am I going to change it to?

Here are the ideas that I have so far.

  • Making Function Fun
  • Having Fun with Functional Skills
  • Having Fun with Therapy
  • Play With Your Therapy
    Does anyone have a better idea?  Leave a comment, or email me, and let me know what your ideas are. 

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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        1. I like “where play leads to skills” or growth. I also like “where therapy is thera-play”

  1. I think playing on the word “fun” in “functional” is a common usage among many OTs. I guess you can feel flattered that you get enough traffic they feel like their toes are getting some proprioceptive input they are aversive towards.

    Little anecdote- at a conference I was telling another OT about your website and shared your tagline- this activated her memory and She in turn shared Fun and Function with me as a new resource. I think this illustrates that the closeness of tagline/biz name could actually be of synergistic benefit that maybe they didn’t consider before nicely requesting you to change. Just my measly 2cents.

    1. That is exactly how I see it. I am flattered that I am getting that much traffic. I think that they would have been better off by asking for a link to their store in my side-bar, but that’s just me. Maybe their traffic will decrease once I change my tag-line. I figure it isn’t my name they want me to change, and I really am not “married” to the tag-line, so whatever. I love the little anecdote. Thanks.

  2. Tonya , I love your website and your positive attitude! How about …Where therapy is “FUN”ctional!!

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