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Play Doh Cake With Candles for Fine Motor

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Of course, playdoh is a great toy for strengthening, but if you add candles, it can be good for in hand manipulation too.

play doh 1-900

Make a cake out of playdoh, model magic, or any clay of your choice.

play doh 2web

Put some candles in the cake. They can be real or fake. Toothpicks would work in place of candles.  On the one that we made, they put play doh flames on the ends of the toothpicks too.

play doh 3web

To work on in-hand manipulation, take the candles out, turn them around and put them back in , all with one hand.


  • Playdoh or model magic
  • Candles or toothpicks


  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand strengthening
  • In hand manipulation

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  1. OMG you are the best, i got your email today and went out and bought felt to make the sandwich, so am all excited to take it to work tomorrow to let the four year olds ahve a turn and see if they like it.
    keep the awesome things coming

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