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Jelly Fishing With Two Butterfly Nets

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This activity evolved from another activity, and the child who was doing it thought it was so much fun. We had been playing with plastic bugs, so I got out the butterfly nets, but it was too hard to catch the bugs or the balls in the nets when they were thrown, so we had all of these balls all over the floor.

jelly fishing 1-900

We then started scooping the balls up off of the floor with the nets, and I incorporated some bimanual hand use by using two nets at a time to get the balls in.

jelly fishing 2web

The student who was doing the activity named it Jelly Fishing because that is what Sponge Bob does with his butterfly nets.

jelly fishing 3web

We caught a lot of jelly fish that day. This activity requires good motor planning to coordinate both sides of the body to pick up the jelly fish.


  • butterfly net
  • Stick or second net
  • Balls, beanbags, beany babies, or other item to catch


  • Bimanual hand use
  • Motor planning

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