Felt Christmas Tree

Here is a fun little Christmas activity of decorating a Christmas tree with felt ornaments. I got a styrofoam cone from the craft store and wrapped green felt around it. I then cut out some ornament shapes from different colored felt. You could glue the green felt onto the cone, but it actually stays well on its own since the cone is rough. The felt ornaments stay on just by placing them like a felt board, but to increase the {Read More}

Ribbon Christmas Tree

This ribbon Christmas tree activity is the most awesome therapy activity ever. It incorporates practicing tying into a nice craft that looks beautiful when it is done. The kids all loved it, and they were all very proud of what they had accomplished. Most of the kids started the activity by saying that they didn’t know how to tie. By the end of the activity, all of them were tying their knots by themselves. I did have to go back {Read More}

Cute Christmas Tree Crafts

I have had a sad lack of holiday crafts here, so here is a quick post to show some pictures of some cute Christmas tree crafts that I saw in a classroom today. The first one is made out of painted paper plates and then decorated. The next one is green triangles that are graduated sizes, and glued together to make a tree. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

One of the Kindergarten classes that I visited today was making Christmas Trees out of ice cream cones. First you get a sugar cone, the kind with the pointy tip. Then you spread green frosting all over the cone. You can use red licorice strings as garland, and sprinkle it with colored sugar sprinkles. This is a quick and easy activity that is fun and yummy. The client practices spreading with a knife in a fun way, and the spreading {Read More}