Messy Play and Fine Motor with Munchy Ball

Now that I have the new vinyl Munchy Balls, I was eager to use them in messy play.  I started simple with water beads, which are the perfect size to feed to the Munchy Ball.  It was fun to fill the ball up all the way and then have the ball spit out all of the beads.  We fed the water beads one at a time, and we had the Munchy Ball gulp up the beads by the mouthful.  The {Read More}

Spaghetti Painting for Sensory Problems

I have a few kids that I see who do not like food. I like to use food as a play tool in order to help make food their friend because they need to accept being around food, so using spaghetti noodles as a painting tool is a fun activity. Some kids love it immediately, and others need to do it a few times to even look at the spaghetti and then more times to even get close to touching {Read More}

Messy Play

I found an awesome blog post about how important it is to get messy when playing. A child’s body learns from the whole experience of being tactile and feeling their environment and the experience that what they are working with gets all over them.  As a parent, you have to remember how important it is, and let your kids get messy. In fact, you should encourage it and plan for it.  You can plan messy craft activities or encourage your {Read More}